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Stacy Kingsley

I love Horror and Cats

About Me

I grew up loving the horror genre. When I first saw the movie CUJO I learned that you have to wait because even in those last five minutes something will happen. I love horror so much I wrote my Master’s thesis on The Decline of Horror in Popular Culture and I love to watch every horror movie, no matter how bad it might be.

I learned zombies have one thing on their mind, eating people, which makes them a fun character to write. I loves zombies so much I have done zombie makeup for an ice-skating exhibition, played a zombie in a short independent film, and have done several zombie themed runs. Zombies Are People Too! is the first book in my “Do Zombies Win?” series. My second book Zombies Bite! was released 2014, followed by the third book in the series Zombie Wasteland in 2016. I have several stories available as part of the series and am currently working on Zombimerica, the last book in my zombie series. I also have two other novels to be released in 2024.

Thus far my favorite zombie movie is the Norwegian film Dead Snow, followed closely by Shaun of the Dead and Fido. I am always willing to discuss horror with other fans, authors and those who enjoy the genre, or any movies, or any books, maybe I just love talking with fans.

Currently I live in Huntsville, AL with three cats and my spouse. I teach English, write, paint, and am working on becoming a realtor (hoping to get my license soon). So, not only can I sell you my books and art, but if you know anyone looking to sell or buy a house, I can help with that too!

Feel free to reach out, join my newsletter (which I am working on), or just say hello.

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