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Starting Over

Due to the access of my former host and website, I am starting over. So, this is my first post to this new page! Most of the time, I will be posting book and movie reviews. Sometimes I will post if I am going to be showing, selling, or working somewhere. I also post interviews with all sorts of people in the entertainment industry – authors, artists, actors, anyone who wants to be promoted, I promote them. I say anyone, but it isn’t really anyone.

I hope that this new website grows as I grow. Currently, I am working on three books. One of the books I have is finished, and is being sent out to publishers. Another book I am working on is in the editing stage, then I will either self-publish or send it out to publishers. It is a nonfiction book, so I am also working on a proposal for it. The last book I am working on is the final book of my zombie series – ZOMBIMERICA. I am very excited for this one, even though it has been a long process to get there. I hope to have all of these books out next year, but with the way things are we will see how it goes!

A little about me – I live in Alabama (don’t judge). I am an author, artist, English professor, and soon to be realtor. I have three cats – Jake (buff and white), Count Tyrone Rugen (orange polydactyl who goes by Rugen), and Wesley (grey tabby). If you get it, you get it and are one of my people. I am married, and I love traveling – especially to abandoned places. Urban exploration is so exciting, and every break I get from work I try to find someplace to explore. So, that is me! Enjoy and I hope to hear from you!!!

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